I'm thinking about changing my username.

I'm soooo over crayon_goddess. ;) No, really. I've had this one for forever. 7 years or something like that. Maybe I'd be more tempted to update it if I had a new username.

So, what does a girl do when her old email name is "megmoore", and she's getting married and changing her last name? Should I get a new email address?

Maybe it's time to "reinvent" myself on the intarweb. Ooo. I could do a whole covert thing and just disappear. Nah. But I could update things a little. I have, after all, changed in the last 7 years.

But if I do change my internettie stuff to incorporate my "new" (oh, the pun) last name, then what happens when I need to go back to my old name. Like, when Brad decides I'm no longer cool enough for him.

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Don't wanna.

I know, I'm whiny. But how do I motivate myself to finish the next two weeks striding (rather than crawling) over the semester's finish line? This has been my hardest, most greuling, most terrible semester today. And I just don't wanna. I'm exhausted.

Okay, enough.

I had a marvelous weekend. Friday was the art reception, where my fabulously talented fiance' won mucho awards and dinero. Then to Red Lobster, where I had fabulous food and Lobsterita. And just good times.

Saturday was Stars of Tomorrow rehearsal. Yes, I hate dancing. Yes, there's lots of dancing in the show. Yes, I'm completely unprepared. After rehearsal was lunch with WHoyle (cafe_lou), followed by chilling in his dorm room (can we say "Foof chair"?). Brad got off work early, so we rented a movie, ate dinner with my parents, and chilled.

Today's worship service was really great. We have a new drummer. No one can replace Chelsea King, but I guess he'll do. ;) After church, there was chilling, then back to church for family fun nite, which was... fun!

And now I'm pretending to work on my chem lab notebook. I think I'm actually going to finish it now. KBye.
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Day of Silence

This whole not talking thing is an excercise in weirdness., for those who have no clue what I'm talking about.

I'm off in a minute to go tour a paper mill. Can we say, "stinky"? Yes we can.

I won the Madrigal Feaste Award in choir! And it came with a scholarship! Not a huge one, but that's freaking amazing.

Okay, I'm gone. But three posts in three days... That's amazing, right?
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I just turned in the last chemistry lab report of my undergraduate career. I can't even begin to tell you how good that feels. It was 15 pages long, including the data. All about inductively coupled plasma.

You feel smarter already. I can tell.
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The wide world of West Monroe

I'm house-sitting in West Monroe this week. West Monroe, in case you don't know, is an odd place. It's a mixture of the nouveau riche escaping the "dirty" city of Monroe (another discussion for another day) and absolute rednecks. It's interesting to drive through subdivisions and observe how the two groups live side by side, even though they won't acknowledge it. I have seen several things...

First, there are more pregnant women per capita in the West Monroe Wal*Mart than anywhere else in the world. Said Wal*Mart is insanely busy on Friday and Saturday nights. I think they must be giving away free beer. I just haven't found the beer yet.

Second, I saw a truck a couple of days ago with several bumper stickers. One was a rebel flag. This is not unusual for West Monroe - the high school's mascot is the "Rebel" (I know what you're thinking... "What century is this?"). Anyway, on the same truck, there was a "One nation under God" bumper sticker. Could someone please explain to me how one can reconcile these two statements? I would be forever grateful.

I'm ready to go home and sleep in my own bed. At least Sterlington has no problems calling itself a hick town. I appreciate the honesty.
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So I had some flu bug thing, but I think it's gone now.

I ate/drank a smoothie at lunch, and I'm not sure that I should have. Icky tummy. Do you eat a smoothie or drink a smoothie? It would probably just be easier to say that I HAD a smoothie. There's no commitment there.

Hanging out in the library computer lab, listening to David Crowder Band, surfing the web. I should be working on school stuff, but I can't bring myself to do it. Blech.

David Crowder Band's "Sunsets and Sushi" is an amazing album. Everyone should listen to it.

Waiting for Brad to get out of class. Then we're looking at photographers and invitations online.

I wish the library's computer lab would upgrade to Internet Explorer 7. It's far superior to 6. I really wish they would just install Firefox, but that's not likely to happen any time soon.

I found some money that I lost, and I've been praising God for it all day. It was $230, which is a pretty good chunk of money, at least for me.

I don't really have anything else to say. This is why I don't update all the time anymore. What do you say?